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  • Doggy cake & cupcake baking mix


    Doggy cake & cupcake baking  mix

    If you love baking our doggy cake/ cupcake mix will make it easy and fun to treat your furry friend anytime of the year.

    It’s easy and fun to bake and your dog will guaranteed love it.

    All you need to add is water, there is no other ingredients required.

    Our special recipe baking mix will service you with 12 large size cupcakes or it will be enough to create your very own doggy cake, depending on the size of the tray you use, the mix would be enough for 2 x 5 “cake or up to a 1x 10” size cake.

    Baking instruction provided on the packaging label.

    Please note, this packet only contains the baking mix and it’s not our full kit with icing and decoration and cupcake/ cake tray.

    Net weight of the packet 230g.

    Flavour: Meatloaf (Meaty savoury cake)

    Ingredients: Flour, egg, bicarbonate soda, dried & powdered beef, salt

    Flavour carrot cake:

    Ingredients: flour, egg, bicarbonate soda, apple, carrot, honey