All natural, delicious pet treats, made to order for any occasions
  • K9Popcorn™



    Fancy keeping up with new doggy treat trends, than you should order this delicious snack for you your dog.

    Super tasty natural air popped popcorn for dogs.

    Our popcorn is 100% air popped meaning we don't add any oil during the popping process. It's gluten free, low in fat and low in calories making it a healthy snack for your dog.

    As there's no oil for our seasoning to stick to, its normal for the seasoning to sink to the bottom of the bag. We recommend giving the bag a good shake before opening to distribute the yummy flavours. Any seasoning left at the bottom of the bag can be sprinkled over your dog's food for extra taste.

    Get prepared for that some tail wagging experience.

    Packet net weight 20g