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  • Twinky's cupcake kit

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    Twinky’s baking kit – dog cupcake baking kit made only from the finest natural human graded ingredients (just like our freshly baked cakes and treats) and all preservative free.

    Our baking kits are hand made with love in the UK. Our unique and beloved doggie cakes and cupcakes are now available for you in a baking kit form to bake at your own home or give as present or gift.

    Twinky’s pet bakery is our family business, our pet family rapidly growing daily and we always happy to welcome new furry customers in our pet family.


    The secret ingredient in our products is love we make every cake, cupcake, treats and baking kits. Our bakery proved to be successful, we are selling thousands of cakes, cupcakes and treats yearly but our diary filling up very quickly and we have much more love to give. Due to the high demand and excellent product quality, we have created our unique baking kits for you to bake whenever you fancy.


    We have created our baking kits carefully to make it easy and fun to bake, and to be ready in 20 minutes. Best of all you don’t need any extra ingredients to have at home, all you need to add is water.


    We have created an ultimate dog cupcake baking kit, which contains:


    •cake box, as standard packaging, so no need to worry about it.

    •6 large sized paper cupcake case, just in case if you don’t have any at home.

    •Delicious cupcake base mix, will bake 6-large sized doggie cupcakes

    •Delicious carob icing mix to cover your cupcakes

    •Decorative doggie bones and birthday candle

    •Instruction card, which contains “all you need to know about how to bake the cupcakes and how to store safely”.

    If you need some inspiration on how to decorate your cake/cupcakes if you are a bit more adventures, please visit our website and take a cheeky peek at .

    If you have any further questions, or if you require any specific customization for example glutton or wheat free product, we will do our best to help you, please get in touch.